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2019 HYSPLIT On-line Workshop
Faculty of Environment announces about '2019 On-line HYSPLIT Workshop':
There will be no more in-person HYSPLIT Workshops held as has been done in the past. Instead, during a four-week period beginning May 27, an agenda will guide the user through most sections of the current online Basic Tutorial materials with each week focusing on several sections (such as installation, meteorology, trajectories, dispersion, etc). This will allow the user to learn the materials at their own pace and time.
During the week users will be able to submit questions on the sections being studied to the HYSPLIT Forum that will be answered by HYSPLIT experts. On the following Monday a live, 1-hour, video session will be held at 4 pm EDT (2000 UTC) and, on Tuesday, another identical session will be held at 9 am EDT (1300 UTC). During these sessions, the instructor will review the questions that were received during the week and, if time permits, allow users to ask new questions on the material covered in that week's session.

Registration to attend the live question/answer sessions is now open.

Details, an agenda, and registration information can be found on the following web page:

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