Vietnamese Name: Phòng Thí nghiệm Công nghệ môi trường

English Name: Laboratory for Environmental Technology

Location: Room D001 – VNUHCM-University of Science, Thu Duc Campus – Di An

  • Research on exhaust gas treatment: investigating methods to treat pollutants at source to minimize pollution and its impacts on humans and the environment.
  • Research on water treatment: wastewater treatment using biological methods and membrane technology; studying the structure and role of microorganisms in wastewater treatment using a biological model; applying algae to treat wastewater with high levels of N and P pollution; researching trace element treatment in tap water and wastewater using AOPs, MBR, and RO methods; and studying treatment process kinetics.
  • Research on clean water and environmental hygiene (Sustainable Development Goal 06 of the United Nations SDGs): identifying sources of pollution in clean water related to human activities (untreated greywater, inefficient septic tanks) and proposing measures to protect clean water resources.
  • Research on new materials for environmental treatment: researching the production of new biomaterials from readily available and cost-effective sources for the improvement, restoration, and treatment of the water and soil environment.
  • New materials for research on carbon-neutral energy, hydrogen production, conversion of CO2 into useful products, and treatment and conversion of solid waste and plastics into useful products.
  • Research on environmental microbiology, its application for water and soil treatment, and solutions for improving environments polluted by microorganisms.
  • Basic Research: Wastewater treatment
  • Applied Research: Advanced environmental treatment, aiming for water control and circulation.
  • Scientific and Technical Services:
  • The group has experience in operating wastewater treatment simulation models that comply with Vietnamese and international standards and regulations.
  • Skilled in using water analysis equipment.
  • Skilled in analyzing pollutants in surface water and industrial wastewater.

Assoc. Prof. TO THI HIEN

Team Leader, Contact Person



Key Member


tô thu hiền

Assoc.Prof. To Thi Hien

Head of department

PhD. Do Thi Thuy Quyen


Vice Head of Department

Trần Hoàng Minh

B.S. Tran Hoang Minh

Teaching assistant

Student Assistant