I. General Procedures/Forms for Students

  1. Regulations on Undergraduate Training according to Credit System
  2. Process for Preserving Admission Results
  3. Procedure for Postponing Semester Exams
  4. Procedure for Reassessment
  5. Procedure for Requesting Grade Preservation or Exemption
  6. Procedure for Dropping Out or Temporarily Stopping Studies
  7. English Proficiency Standards: General
  8. Course Withdrawal Form
  9. Additional Course Registration Form
  10. Specialized Adjustment Request form
  11. Application for Additional Major Review (for Students with Delayed Progress)- Submit with Academic Transcript
  12. Request for Certified Copy of Graduation Certificate  (Procedure/Documents for Certified Copy of Graduation Certificate)
  13. Procedure for Completion of Training Program for Students who do not meet English Standards – Request Form
  14. Training point regulations

II. Forms for Students in Specialized Internships

  1. Intership report form
  2. Internship diary template

III.  Forms for students conducting graduation theses

  1. Procedure for Requesting Thesis(for Late Students)
    Thesis Request (for Late Students)_Submit with Academic Transcript
  2. Request for Reevaluation of Thesis/project form
  3. Thesis/Project Implementation Proposal Form
  4. Guidelines for Thesis/Project Implementation (Undergraduate)_new 2018
  5. Thesis/Project Presentation Form (Undergraduate)_new 2018
  6. Thesis/Project Evaluation Form-Supervisor (Undergraduate).
  7. Thesis/Project Evaluation Form-Reviewer (Undergraduate)
  8. Thesis/Project Revision Form (Undergraduate)
  9. Request for Confirmation of Thesis Completion
  10. Request for Issuing a Letter to Request Wastewater/Sludge/Internship (Students edit the content on the form to suit their purposes)
  11. Guidelines for Formatting Abstract-Thesis/Project (naming conventions for Abstract, Thesis/Project, abstract presentation)

IV. Introduction Letter (template):

  1. This is a reference template. Please make necessary adjustments when using. Introduction Letter Template: Link