Department of Environmental Management and Informatics

1. Introduction

The department was established under Decision No. 916/QD-KHTN issued on August 18, 2020 by the Rector of the University of Science, based on of merging the Department of Environmental Management (established in 2000) and the Department of Environmental Informatics (established in 2003). It is to strengthen the resources and promote the development of research fields on applied informatics in environmental management and protection.

Bộ môn QL và THMT

2. Responsibilities

  • To manage 03 majors in the Bachelor program in Environmental Science, namely Environmental Management, Environmental Informatics, Remote Sensing and GIS application in Environmental Management.
  • To manage the Master Program and the Doctoral Program in Resources and Environental Management.
  • To carry out research on the fields of environmental management and applied informatics in environmental science and management.

3. Teaching and reseaching staffs

  • Head of the Department: Assoc.Prof.Dr. Dao Nguyen Khoi
  • There are 20 staffs, including 02 holding PhDs – Associate Professor positions, 11 holding PhD, and 06 holding MSc.

4. Main research fields:

Environmental management

  • Rational and sustainable natural resources exploitation and management;
  • Resource and environmental management tools;
  • Environmental management system;
  • Regional environmental management, urban and industrial park environmental management, and agricultural and rural environmental management;
  • Waste management, pollution management, and environmental quality management;
  • Environmental system assessment and analysis (environmental impact assessment, environmental risk assessment, life cycle assessment, etc.);
  • Climate change and sustainable development.

Applied Informatics

  • Environmental process modeling;
  • Artificial intelligence application in disaster and environmental risk problems;
  • Design of environmental data management software (database, GIS, WebGIS, and Mobile GIS applications)

Remote Sensing and GIS application

  • Remote sensing and GIS application in natural resources and environmental management;
  • Statistics and spatial analysis for monitoring and assessment of environmental changes;
  • Spatial modeling.

Contact: Room C24, 227 Nguyen Van Cu St., Dist. 5, HCMC