Information of Staff – Lecturers

Lê Hoàng Anh

PhD. Le Hoang Anh


Department of Environmental Management and Informatics

Contact: Room C24, 227 Nguyen Van Cu St., Dist. 5, HCMC
Teaching areas
  • Environmental Management 
  • English for Environmental Science 3 & 4
  • Environmental Risk Management
Research interests
  • Pollutant treatment by green approaches
  • Environmental management/ Environmental risk assessment

Name of project or research focus

Body funding

Role/ Period

Water supply security subjected to incidents of pollution emission



Key publications
  1.  Đánh giá diễn biến chất lượng nước sông Sài Gòn – Đồng Nai dưới ảnh hưởng sự cố xả thải nước thải sinh hoạt, Science and Technology Development Journal, 2022, In press (Vietnamese)
  2. A sustainable, low-cost carbonaceous hydrochar adsorbent for methylene blue adsorption derived from corncobs, Environmental Research, Volume 212, Part B, 2022
  3. Use of packed scrap iron anodes for continuous electrochemical Cr(VI) reduction process in electroplating wastewater treatment, Journal of Water Process Engineering, Volume 42, 2021
  4. Adsorption isotherms and kinetic modeling of methylene blue dye onto a carbonaceous hydrochar adsorbent derived from coffee husk waste, Science of The Total Environment, Volume 725, 10 July 2020
  5. Water footprint assessment for citizens in Ho Chi Minh city. Science and Technology Development Journal – Natural Sciences, 4(SI):SI104-SI114, 2020